Our services are closely aligned to our core beliefs and can be taken individually or as interconnected interventions. In all cases we put first things first. We work with our clients peeling back the layers of the current position, establishing the issues, evaluating objectively and identifying the key actions that could be recommended to move the business forward. Once this is done we believe in working alongside our clients, rather than taking over! For us it’s all about developing future competence, which should be at the heart of any organisation. As the layers are peeled back and competence identified and developed within, our aim is to facilitate and advise, rather than tell, developing and strengthening the relationship, ensuring that it is our clients who set the direction for moving forward.

We have three types of intervention:


Here we aim to design effective and bespoke, end-to-end resourcing and development processes and tools which suit the style and type of a clients’ organisation.

Competency / Behavioural Model Design

High performing organisations are able to clearly define the behaviours that ensure that they can continue to reach their goals. Our experience of assisting our clients to identify and develop the behaviours that link to their strategy, culture and future aspirations, ensures that employees can recognise what they need to achieve and how they need to do it to be successful within their roles.

Recruitment Process Design

These tools may take a number of forms such as job descriptions /role profiles, person specifications, application forms, pre-screening tools, interviewing tools and on-job evaluation tools. Working in partnership with our clients, incorporating their language, culture and ideals we can design a pragmatic process, incorporate appropriate tools to recruit the calibre and level of candidate required, in the timeliest manner.

Assessment and Development Centre Design

Our experience of assessment / development centres is that they provide a realistic and pragmatic method for the evaluation of individuals using a variety of exercises to appraise different competencies / behaviours. It provides a robust and objective method of helping to capture real life situations, rather than relying on the discussion of the hypothetical. Statistics show that well designed assessment centres can predict more accurately a candidates’ ability to fulfil his/her job requirements, resulting in a reduction of poor decision making when recruiting. Feedback from the assessments can form the basis of a useful development tool, and we can provide this in several formats.

Appraisal / Performance Review Process Design

The first stage of any personal development process is to gain personal awareness. In order for individuals to change, they need to know what it is about the way they are currently performing that needs to change. We work alongside our clients to develop a process that fits culturally and practically, allows expectations to be set, an individual’s performance to be measured, talent to be recognised, development opportunities highlighted, training needs identified, and a plan for the future to be drawn up.

Development of Human Resources Policies / Procedures

Many smaller and medium sized businesses can become swamped with the legal requirements of employing people within their organisations. As the requirements become more evident, concentration to ensure compliance can mean that key personnel are forced away from their “day jobs” into areas that they are not completely confident.

As HR “realists”, we are able to guide and support by first making a robust and objective assessment of the current situation, which is presented to the client with non-industry jargon, allowing a pragmatic action planning session to then ensue to develop workable procedures to ensure legal compliance and employment good practice.


We pride ourselves in facilitating professional, empathetic conversations with participants in this area, assisting participants to find the link between the evaluation output and action that is meaningful for them.

Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing is the psychological assessment of an individual’s abilities and/or personality and motivation aiding the selection and development of people at work. Statistically speaking, it is one of the most reliable forms of predicting whether or not an individual is suitable for a job and can also offer insight into individual needs and preference for development and transition purposes as well.

Executive Assessment

Executive Assessment provides the objective measurement of the skills and talents and development areas of individuals through the use of various diagnostic tools and interview processes, which examine skills and underlying attitudes, motivation and beliefs that underpin behaviour.It can also be used to identify individual training and development needs, with the emphasis on increasing self – insight and awareness of one’s skills and talents.

360 Degree Feedback

360-degree feedback is a feedback process where not just an individual’s Line Manager but their peers and direct reports and sometimes even customers evaluate them. Participants receive an analysis of how they perceive themselves and how others perceive them. It has significant benefits, not least because it helps the participant understand his or her own personality from an outsider’s perspective and clear strengths and development needs are revealed.


Here we pride ourselves in providing well thought out interventions that offer long lasting benefits for the individuals involved and the organisations that employ them.

Meeting Facilitation

It can be very easy to either become bogged down when developing ideas and thoughts in meetings or even skirt some issues that actually have more impact than might at first be thought.

Our experience and pragmatic approach to meeting facilitation ensures that the goal of the session is reached and all elements for discussion are given sufficient air time and debate. Clear action planning for the future is then provided through a robust report as the output for the meeting.

Executive Coaching

The real answers to achieving and sustaining high performance lie INSIDE the individual. Coaching is the interactive process that unlocks / unwraps this potential. It helps people find within themselves ‘how to do’ solutions, it does not impose ‘what to do’ solutions from outside. It is the ‘how’ that delivers the real performance. One to one coaching can be utilised as an opportunity for key decision –makers to explore options within a safe environment before presentation and decision-making by a wider audience.

Team Coaching

As indicated in the one to one coaching, our belief is that the real answers lie inside individuals. It is also our belief that in working with teams, as well as individuals we can assist in the development of cross functional relationships and build really cohesive teams. This is often used in conjunction with the facilitation of strategy planning to provide a strong support for the strategy and each other.

Bespoke Leadership Training

We aim to provide leadership skills training in a range of areas to ensure that your people stay productive as your business undergoes change and challenge. There may be managers in your organisation who need to take the next step and go beyond being good or even excellent managers, to become inspirational leaders within the business. We deliver our training with one aim: to enable your leaders so that they have the knowledge, confidence and authority to make a real difference in your organisation.

Team Building

A team is often defined a group of people working towards a common goal. However not all teams reach this. In developing practical and interesting team building interventions we believe that we can assist in the process of enabling any team of people to reach their goal. We use a number of interventions, from psychometric assessment, such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to interactive feedback techniques to craft an event that combines development of self-awareness with achieving higher levels of team performance.

Just a quick line to thank you again for your help and support over the past nine months or so, I found the experience so helpful. I was thinking about you on my way into work today and how you have help with my learning over the past nine months and what you did with me to influence that learning. To be honest I would struggle to articulate what you did with me, so I’m simply putting it down to witchcraft! You are a remarkable woman with a remarkable skill and I will be forever grateful,
Thanks again.