Leading Law Firm


In April 2019, the Board of this international, dynamic, entrepreneurial firm were newly established, due to changes in structure and governance and the appointment of a new Managing Partner.In conjunction with ourselves, and with a desire to be proactive, the decision was taken to psychometrically profile all Board Members, as well as provide 360 degree feedback to them from their key stakeholders as a way of developing the self-awareness of each Board Member but also providing a vehicle to develop them as a collective body and ensure that they became a high performing team as soon as possible.


Onion administered, coordinated and fed back to all 12 Board Members on the Hogan suite of Psychometrics (HPI, HDS and MVPI) and also the Hogan 360. The resultant meetings focused on growth in self awareness and actions required to both consolidate existing areas of strength as well as proactively act on areas for development.We then developed and presented a clear analysis of the team’s strength and development themes, that would impact their capabilities as senior Leaders but also impact their capabilities to work as a fully functioning Board. This was used as a key piece of information which guided the subsequent strategy session, providing vision and direction for the firm (as well as a code of conduct for the Board) into 2020 and beyond.