Luxury Retail Brand

I have worked with Justine Lago of Onion HR over the last decade, on wide-ranging topics such a team-building and MBTi, to senior executive coaching and more latterly, management and leadership development programmes.

Why I find Justine’s approach so effective is that she is highly pragmatic: creative with new ideas, tools and initiatives and in many ways ahead of the curve. She was the first consultant I worked with who built a truly blended learning journey and she has a very holistic approach, with regard to measuring impact and involvement of stakeholders, so that accountability for development extends beyond just the students themselves.

We pride ourselves on our diversity – of cultures, roles, geographies, brands and disciplines – and Justine has mastered the art of bringing together a vastly mixed group to share messages that are fully understood and applicable within multiple different realities. She is also skilled at getting people to work together beyond the physical workshops, to support each through their continue learning. Because of this, the programmes she has created have become part of our permanent leadership development offer, with Justine as a core component of that.

Justine is highly intuitive, emotionally intelligent and an invaluable source of learning and development methodologies and tools, both new and tried-and-tested. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Head of Executive Development, Luxury Retail Brand