Lloyds Register


Lloyds Register is one of the world’s leading providers of professional services for engineering and technology – improving safety and increasing the performance of critical infrastructures worldwide.

In close partnership with the client, Onion was engaged to develop and train, a highly inspiring and practical residential leadership programme suitable for middle and senior managers alike, that would challenge thinking, and build greater competence within the population. Like many organisations the key to success of the programme was and is dependent on not just on the participants completing the face to face element of the workshop, but also creating a desire for continuous learning from the participants that could be self-supporting by the end of the programme.

The programme objectives are:

  • To provide space and a framework for participants to review and challenge their current leadership practice
  • To provide opportunity to practice new skills and refresh old skills in a controlled environment, where ongoing and frequent feedback supports development
  • To develop peer relationships throughout the programme that will support participants’ ongoing skills practice and provide opportunities for problem solving and ideas generation.

Participants are required to complete a suite of psychometrics as well as a 360-degree feedback exercise prior to attending the programme and this forms the basis for their individualised development journey within the face to face element of the programme. The face to face workshop is continuously linked to the challenges faced by the participants, with the core content and flow, adjusted dependent on the needs of the group. Three virtual learning sessions focusing on learner needs have also been created, as well as the development of peer coaching networks and a focus on Action Learning for ongoing peer to peer problem solving / ideas generation.


The programme is creating more self-aware, agile leaders, able to navigate the VUCA environment that the participants inhabit and continues to be popular globally. Participants report a greater confidence in decision-making, a demonstrable flexibility (and therefore suitability) in their team leadership as well as a closer alliance with their colleagues in other parts of the business.