The Grove


The Grove, a majestic, contemporary five-star hotel in Hertfordshire, caters to a wide variety of guests, from corporate clients to families. As one of the Leading Hotels of the World it prides itself on exceptional service combined with attention to detail and the care for every type of guest, however long they are staying and whoever they are.

Working closely with the HR Director and General Manager, we identified that the Heads of Department population, within the hotel, needed development and support to become empowered leaders and managers of their departments. This would require attitudinal change as well as development in knowledge and capability. Support was also required for the Senior Leadership Team to ensure that they could sustain this shift and emphasis after the initial training intervention had been completed.

The objectives of the programmewere:

  • To support participants to develop a greater self-awareness of their strengths and development needs as a HOD and stimulate motivation for continuous development in their management/leadership skills.
  • To support participants in developing competence and confidence and motivation in proactively managing individuals in your teams to support and maintain individual team members’ optimal performance.
  • To support participants in developing competence and confidence and motivation in managing teams towards higher performance.
  • To support participants in developing competence and confidence in proactive problem solving and ideas generation, enabling them to take the initiative to achieve optimal guest satisfaction and business performance.
  • To develop a sense of community within the HOD peer group to learn from each other and improve core management/leadership skills.

Onion designed a 6-month modular programme, with three face to face workshops, a requirement for some self-directed learning, peer to peer coaching and a mentor supported activity, to deliver on the objectives of the programme. On completion, participants were overwhelmingly positive and indicated that they felt much more equipped to deal with the challenges that they face as a community. Additionally, there is strong evidence that they have grown as a community and feel that they can utilise each other far more for problem solving, rather than having an overreliance on the Senior Leadership Team.