Who we are

ONION is a small but progressive business with many layers, specialising in maximising the effectiveness in your people, through a range of approaches that are tailored to your need (however big or small).

ONION was started by me, Justine Lago in 2004 and has developed largely through recommendation and the nurturing of relationships. Fundamentally we provide a range of services that develop, challenge and assist your people (and your business) to grow. We take a practical, flexible and methodical approach to any project we are asked to undertake and this always starts with a face to face meeting to really identify what is required.

But who am I and who do I work with?

I have been involved in operational leadership management and development and talent development for the last 18 years, having worked in several senior operational management positions, human resources, consulting and a number of corporate roles.

I have successfully led teams myself and have a solid understanding of the dynamics of organisations and the impact on individuals and teams. Having trained extensively in Gestalt coaching skills, I believe I bring its holistic methodology to my approach to all of my work and these combined mean that I have both a sound knowledge of the business world and a fluid style, which enables me to provide a broad yet pragmatic picture when working with both individuals and organisations.

I have experience of working within a variety of sectors, both private and public; I work with a small number of Associates and Partners, who hold the same ethics and principles as I do.

This course ranks as one of the best I have attended (and I have attended many) for a variety of reasons not least the very high quality of the trainer and the professional way in which Justine delivered the course which ensured the full involvement of the participants who like me I am sure fully enjoyed the whole experience.