ONION® is a small but progressive leadership development and coaching business with many layers, specialising in maximising the effectiveness in your people, through a range of approaches that are tailored to your need (however big or small).

Our aim is to provide workable pragmatic solutions, not to tie you up in consultant jargon and at the heart of our methodology is a set of three core beliefs:


Everyone can uncover their potential with the right support and guidance to do so


Nurturing authentic client relationships is always worth the effort


No two onions are the same, so everything we do is bespoke!

Uncover your potential

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Accredited by:

  • Academy of Executive Coaching
  • Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior
  • Myers–Briggs Type Indicator
  • Wave
  • Hogan Certified
  • The Rocket Model
  • SHL Reseller